A water sanitation company that can help your community become healthy, happy and eco-friendly
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Our Mission

Our mission is to help communities provide effective and health toilet systems that protect the precious environment around them.

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Our Solution

By using world-class and innovative composting toilet solutions from Clivus Multrum and Nature-loo, we can customise a solution for your community or household.

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Why Choose Us

We have a proven track record of working with NGO’s and communities in remote and low socio-economic areas to provide world-class water sanitation through composting toilets.

Working with Communities

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We’ve seen the effect of waterborne disease on communities and it’s something we’re determined to change. With devastating results on human health and the environment, inadequate water sanitation and latrine or pit toilet facilities can be a life threatening issue in many communities around the world.

With over 700,000 child deaths from diarrhea we feel that the provision of a working, sanitary composting toilet system is a way that communities in Asia can improve the health of children, families and communities.

Case Studies

Working with NGO’s

Teaming up with Non Government Organisations, we work towards finding solutions for the major issues of poor water sanitation – the lack of available bathroom or toilet facilities that affect thousands of people across countless communities in the Asia Pacific region.

Our strength is in finding water sanitation solutions that are cost effective, help the community and most importantly are sustainable (meaning that they continue working for the communities for many years to come). This helps communities in Asia and the Pacific regions to create a safe and sanitary environment for their families, along with having a usable byproduct (the compost that can be used as a fertiliser) that can help their communities.

Contact us today to talk with us about water sanitation solutions and composting toilets.