Ecoflo Composting toilets - safe, ethical, reliable, affordable 

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Ecoflo's solution addresses 16 out of 17 SDG goals

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Certification to Australian design Standards

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The proposal in detail: 

  • Grant: Monitoring, evaluation and learning system (World Bank, ADB, DFAT etc)

  • Commercial: To fund  startup organisations that will provide in-country support for installation, maintenance and support of Composting toilets

  • Commercial/Blended: To fund projects that arise where communities channel CT output towards cash activities

  • Blended: Microfinance support to help communities pay for install of toilets.

Ecoflo is seeking three lines of finance for recipient PIC communities

Harness the power of the circular economy to underpin safe sanitation

Our Plan in Summary

Our Proof and validation

Three Cashflows:

  1. Training and supporting the supply, installation and maintenance
  2. Providing ongoing maintenance support
  3. Cash cropping/expenditure replacement 

There is an old, proven and reliable solution - the use of composting or dry toilets that work without power or water                                   

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Ecoflo has been installing these around Australia for nearly half a century.


Rambutso, PNG uses Ecoflo's solution     

                                                                                                                     Link to Lynn video

We have other installations too…..                                                                                                                             

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Proven safe when properly designed and installed, properly used and maintained                                                              

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