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Isotope Building, 88, USA
Simple & Effective
Ecoflo-Wash is the number one choice for composting toilet and water sanitation advice in the Pacific Islands.
Environmentally Friendly
A composting toilet is a great way to ensure that no human waste enters groundwater or pipe systems.
NGO Assistance
We have worked with many Non Government Organisations to help advise and install composting toilets in many developing countries.
an innovative and simple sanitary composting toilet solution for your community
Here at Ecoflo-Wash we believe everyone should have access to sanitary toilets and water, no matter where they live. We do this by helping communities – no matter how isolated or underprivileged – install composting toilets.
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Solar Powered
Can be integrated into a solar power system to be fully self sufficient.
Tabo and Gayung Friendly
Our toilets cater for the no paper, water cleansing hygiene process found in many Asian and Muslim countries.
Protect Groundwater
Protect marshlands, rice fields, streams, rivers and water supplies.

Welcome to Ecoflo-Wash

Our Bio Toilet Systems are an easy and hygienic way to create a no flush, waterless toilet system for your house, community or village. No water is needed for our systems meaning that precious drinking water that would otherwise be flushed away is saved.

Great for remote or rural areas

Our range of no water toilets are the perfect solution for rural or farming areas (農場, खेत, ഫാം, ฟาร์ม or nông trại) as they don’t use any water and use very little electricity. Simple to install and easy to maintain, our waterless composting toilets have been installed in thousands of rural and remote areas around the world.

Reduce illness spread through poor sanitation

Our aim is to provide water sanitation advice and composting toilet products directly to communities or through NGO’s to help improve water sanitation and reduce illnesses that can ultimately kill through poor sanitation.

Waterborne disease and sickness can be reduced and in some cases eradicated by the proper disposal of human waste. This not only reduces illness but helps improve the health of local water systems.

Works for all sized villages

Our range of composting toilets come in a variety of sizes. 

Easy Install
Our systems are easy to install with readily available tools.
Create Fertilizer
Turn human waste into a usable product that helps plants grow.
No Chemicals
Our composting toilet process doesn’t use harsh or dangerous chemicals – it’s completely natural.